RT: Victory Day rifle duel sees Russian model victorious over German rival


Винтовка DXL-3 Российского производителя Lobaev Arms обстреляла своего немецкого конкурента DSR-1 в дуэли на 1700 метров, проведенной накануне 70-й годовщины Дня Победы.

Russian weapons manufacturer Lobaev Arms’ DXL-3 rifle outperformed its German rival, the DSR-1, during a duel between Russian and German manufacturers conducted in honour of the 70th Victory Day anniversary in the Kaluga region of Russia, Tuesday.

Brief translation for English speakers:

Line 1: «What’s with temperature?…
We will start our shooting tests today at 1000 meters, then we will
continue at 1600m, and then we will take DSR-1 to 1700 or 1800 meters
depending on what exactly range we can find here, on this field. And then
we’l see. I guess at those ranges it will deflate, successfully.
But ours still will be shooting».

Line 2: «Of course, it’s especially symbolic on this Victory Day’s eve,
when in fact during peacetime we are comparing Russian and German weapons.
And this comparison is not in favor of the Germans.»