Shooting tests of AMP DSR-1 and LA DXL-3 at «far away»: how and why

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For a long time we have wanted to make a comparison of these two rifles: DSR-1 in 338 Lapua and our DXL-3. And then there’s the eve of Victory Day, we received a call from Russia Today guys who asked whether we plan something interesting to this date. When we said, «We were somehow going to compete with the best in the German rifle away,» the reaction on the other end was like — «With German one??? Yeah, that’s just what we need!!!».

In fact, I know that rifle very well and it is really bad (in a good sense). After Erma SR-100, with what we’ve made many beautiful groups at 1300, 1500 and 1600 meters  in the late ’90s and early 2000s, DSR was probably the only worthy replacement in the market. In any case, AMP guys were the only ones except Erma who dared to put 740mm barrel on their guns. Other manufacturers prudently satisfied with the length of 680 mm, knowing about accuracy problems with increasing barrel length.

12 years ago I tested it at 1000 m and longer, and showed the results that reminded me of good old Erma, with the only difference that long and heavy bull-pup trigger hampered the production of accurate shot at exactly right moment. And the greater the distance, the more critical this factor is.

Also, its felt recoil is much sharper than that of the Erma, comfort shot of which resembles current DXL-3, although it still falls short. This is critical for those who want to have big training volume required for shooting at long range.

As for the accuracy and maximum effective range, they were comparable to Erma, making DSR-1, the absolute leader in the western market among serial rifles, maximum range wise.

In fact, what else?

AI AW? 1200-1300м — their limit for group shooting. Well, maybe something like 1400, in perfect conditions and shot by supershooters, who almost don’t exist.

Same with Sako TRG.

Steyr — Männlicher? And even less.

In fact, and there were nobody to be compared with.

The plan was this: to zero around 1000. Calculate BCs and measure velocities for both rifles. Then, go to 1600meters — the range at which Erma SR-100 felt quite confident, as evidenced here in this old article (Sorry, Russian there, but you still will see some pictures):



All that was done. Both rifles behaved predictably, showing accuracy according to our expectations.

At 1600m we failed in putting up targets. More precisely, they were put, and we even slightly done some shooting at 1640m, but it was uncomfortable to shoot groups as from prone position we couldn’t see target bottom and shot kind of blindly. Therefore, it was decided to push back the target by 60 meters, ie at 1700m.

That was an unplanned act, so we lost time and added hassle to Russia Today crew.

Next events unfolded predictably. DXL-3 showed good results in groups of 10 and 5 shots. They are in the picture:



1st group size (10 shots — 9 hits) was 107 cm.



2nd group size (5 shots — 5 hits) was 38 cm for 4 shots with one shot was 38 cm, with 5th flyer, which increased the group of up to 1 meter.



With DSR everything was more complicated. Shooting groups didn’t work, because during the event we managed to hit the target only four times.

In its defense it must be said that the wind was quite difficult, and it generally did everything it could. It’s just not its range, in its current design.



We are waiting for Russia Today video about this shoot to once again plunge into the atmosphere of Ultra long range accurate shot. In the future we promise to make purely technical video for experts from materials, given by RT.

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